I Still Aten't Dead

I won't get into hand-wringing apologies about not having blogged when I said I would blog - I'm trying to make this a routine thing, but I've had three weekends in a row when I've been very busy, distracted and now very tired and blogging for me requires a bit of spare energy and headspace - I haven't even had time or energy to get in the workshop for basically three weeks either, so my head's not in that zone.

Blogging will return as soon as I have the bandwidth - thank you all of you who stick around and read and share and I'll be back soon.

Ooh, I did get one thing done - I finally got one of my designs up on Redbubble. I've got three different versions of my Elemental Wheel design and you can get them printed surprisingly cheaply on everything from t-shirts to water bottles to stickers - check them out at my shop Uncommon Threads. I make a couple of quid on each one so if you fancy buying anything as a gift or just favouriting or sharing them it helps me move towards one day being able to support myself with the things I make - as does buying my notebooks and pouches from the Etsy link below.

See you soon!

My Etsy Shop - Uncommon Works

If you'd like to support the blog or just get some nice hand made items which may enhance your life, brighten your days and lift your spirits, you can buy some of the things I've made! Visit my Etsy shop at uncommon.works - I ship worldwide at affordable rates and aim to turn all orders around in 1-2 business days.

Currently for sale (with more to come very soon):

Daily Mindfulness Journals

Craft Ideas Notebooks

Leatherman Squirt Pouches

Daily Mindfulness Journal Craft Ideas Notebook Leatherman Squirt Multitool Pouch

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